NPI UPS series phase ( 1-50KVA)

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Main features:
It is a UPS manufactured by On Line Double Conversion method.
It is a simple and economical product to use and manage UPS with basic features and functions that must be equipped as a UPS.
The input power is made to be able to accept single phase or three phase (custom designation). Output power is for single phase only.
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Main features:
 • It is easy to install in a small space due to low sound absorption and small size.
• The characteristics of the product are very good using the IGBT element of the present invention.
• High Technology Designed by PWM method, it is highly reliable.
• Sine wave On-Line System always supplies good quality power.
• It can be used safely because it has passed the electromagnetic test.
• The switch is designed and manufactured as a semiconductor static switch, no noise due to problems or switching.
• Automatic bypass switch and manual bypass switch are configured in duplicate.
• The battery protection function is excellent.
102K 202K 302K 502K 752K 103K 153K 203K 303K 403K 503K
Capacity (KVA) 1 2 3 5 7.5 10 15 20 30 40 50
Input Phase  1φ (single phase) or 3φ three phase
Rated voltage Sine ware 220V (AC) or 380V (AC)
Frequency  60Hz ± 5% or 50Hz ± 5%
Output  Phase  1φ2W or 1φ 3W
Rated voltage Sine ware 220V(AC ) or 110V/220V (AC)
Voltage stability within ± 2% 
Rated frequency 60Hz or 50Hz
Frequency stability within ± 0.5Hz 
Voltage adjustment range  ± 5%
Power factor  more than 0.8 
Transient voltage variation within ± 5%
Transient response rate Within 20mS Within ± 2% Return
Overload capacity 120% 10minutes 150% 1 minutes 
Waveform distortion Sine ware THD 3% 이해 100% Linear 부해
Transformers 복관 TR Type
Efficiency more than 80%  more than 85%  more than 88% 
Noise (1M everywhere) less than 50dB  less than 55dB less than 60dB 
Synchronous switching Synchronous switching time within 4mS 
Switching method Sequential synchronous switching method
Transfer condition Inverter failure, output overload, DC low voltage, other specified conditions
General characteristics Rated use Online 100% continuous use
Inverter control method High frequency instantaneous control PWM method by TR or IGBT
Converter control method Phase control method
Cooling system Forced air cooling
Enclosure type For indoor mounting
Status display Display Monitor by LCD
Power failure alarm Alarm occurs once every 4 seconds when battery is used (over-discharge continuous short)
Temperature and humidity 0℃~ 40℃, 95% or less
Painting color Manufacturers
Emplacement Within 1000m above ground (indoor)
Battery  Rated voltage (DC) 72V 144V, 192V,240V, 360V
Power failure compensation time Designated at time of purchase
Battery type Designated at time of purchase
Dimension (mm) Width 330 330 330 330 330 380 380 550 650 780 780
Depth 630 630 630 630 630 740 740 700 780 950 950
Height 710 840 840 840 840 900 900 1140 1320 1630 1630
Weight Kg, option not including  50 75 90 120 170 210 320 400 520 670 780